Summer Smarts

SUMMER TIME. It’s the year after year dilemma, we’ll grab our sunscreen and bury our textbooks- along with all the lessons we’ve learned over the year. Summer should be a rewarding time of relaxation for students and parents.

It should also be a time of sharpening academic strengths and fortifying areas of weakness. Take time to incorporate academic refreshers into your student’s summer. Reading with the family is a great way to keep your student fresh and engaged! Challenge your student to read aloud. Read books everyone in the family can enjoy or start on assigned school books early and engage the text along side your student. Try taking flashcards or word games on vacation with your family!

Creating a tutoring schedule can be a great way to keep academics fresh in your student’s mind- especially for the busy parents. With Academic Coaching INC. You can create a tutoring schedule that allows for travel and time at camp! Take advantage of this summer by sectioning off time for your student to sharpen their skills. Let Academic Coaching help you prepare for another great year ahead.

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