"Academic Tutoring and Christine Green came to our rescue when my son was drowning in Spanish 1 during his Freshman year; he’d really never had any foreign language to that point. She found his strengths and worked with him to help him build up his ability in the language that worked with his strength. He’ll never be a linguist, but he’s just graduated from the private high school where he started, thanks in large part to the care, attention, and stick-to-itiveness of Christine who would never give up on him! And he never complained about tutoring, because he knew Christine only wanted the best for him!"

-Caroline Hassell

"The tag line says it all. Academic Coaching's services are personal, private, and extremely professional. My daughter used their tutoring to prepare for an AP exam, and owner Christine was involved and engaged from our first contact. She clearly loves working with young people and is invested in their success. The tutors my daughter used quickly got her comfortable with the material and got her on track in her studies. My only regret is that I didn't know about them sooner. I highly recommend the service and will be using it in the future if needed with my other children."

-Tonya Ellis

"Academic tutoring has made a tremendous difference with our son's studies for the past 1 and 1/2 years. The tutors working with our son provided him with the needed guidance in math and science allowing him to perform well in those subjects. Thanks to the great science/math foundation, our son did well on the ACT. Thank you Academic Coaching."

-Gary Sandler

"Academic Coaching is simply the best tutoring operation we could have selected to meet the needs of our two sons. Under the direction of Mrs. Christiana (owner), our two sons are not only afforded customized tutoring sessions, we as parents are educated too.  The people  at Academic Coaching, Inc. let’s us know when major tests and papers are due as well as provides us with a suggested plan of action. It is because of her support that we can proudly say that our boys have over 3.5 averages at a highly ranked school in the country. We highly recommend their offerings. It is has been a academic game changer for us as a family."

-Drs Ron and Lecresha Peters

"We have used Academic Coaching for over 4 years now! We have a daughter with learning disabilities and getting the extra reinforcement she needed was a struggle. We spent hours and hours every day trying to do everything ourselves. We were exhausted. Academic Coaching gave us our life as a family back and our daughter is so much more confident with her schooling now! So thankful!"

-Leigh Cook

"We have been using Academic Coaching for over two years now for my son Forrest’s Math and Science classes. Anna is working with him and she’s absolutely wonderful with him. She’s patient and kind and knows her stuff. His grades are awesome now and he feels so much more confident with his schoolwork. We will be using Academic Coaching and Anna again next year when he starts Memorial High School in the fall. I highly recommend this service. They are also extremely flexible with the days and times and so I’ve been able to get the days we needed for two years in a row now."

-Julianna Montrealegre

"Great tutors, very accommodating. Academic Coaching helped my son get through IB Spanish with confidence."

-Margaret Lewis

"My daughter has worked with Christine and her tutors for over four years. She began using Academic Coaching for math and science subjects when she was in a competitive private high school. Last year, my daughter started college out of the area, but still continues to use Academic Coaching very successfully via Skype. Christine really understands my daughter’s needs, matches her with the right coaches, follows through on every request and is very professional. Perhaps most of all, Christine takes personal pride in my daughter’s success. There’s a reason we’re sticking with Academic Coaching even though my daughter is hundreds of miles away — it works!"

-A Grateful Mom 

"Academic Coaching has been a huge help to me over the years. The tutors are always prompt and extremely patient. Additionally, Christine Greene has done an excellent job of pairing me with tutors who are best suited to support me."


"Academic Coaching Inc. is a world-class personal tutoring service run by one of the best in the business, Christine Green. This company offers highly specialized, professional tutoring services in a wide array of disciplines for students of all ages. I had the pleasure of being employed by Christine as a personal tutor and I must say it was a truly memorable and rewarding experience. Christine treats all of her employees with the utmost respect and is incredibly accommodating to any of their needs. As an employed tutor, I always felt like a valued member of the team and enjoyed going to work every day. Christine positively impacts the lives of everyone around her and only desires the best for all of the students that come to Academic Coaching in search of academic assistance. Working as a personal tutor for Christine and Academic Coaching Inc. was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend this service to anyone, be it for personal tutoring or as a place of employment."

-Alex Balinski - a former Tutor

Jeanie Smetek recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"We thankfully found Christine Green four years ago when my son was a Freshman in High School and have depended on her expertise throughout his High School experience. Christine cares greatly about matching the students needs and learning style with her outstanding tutors. In addition to the tutors being professional and highly skilled, Christine helped us navigate through the ACT studies and my son ended up with a 33 which has given him his choice of college options. I have recommended Christine to many friends and family members and they all had an outstanding experience."

Roxanne Marie Carrizales recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"My 15 yr old's Freshman has dyslexia so St Agnes Academy was a big challenge for my daughter to take on. My daughter seemed doomed in Biology, now Biology is her favorite class. I cannot thank Christine Green because you might think my daughter was her only client; Christine so closely with teachers to ensure her tutors stayed on point; she also was aware of when test and quizzes coming up. I didn't have to chase after her for anything. My stress level went down; I knew I could count on Christine to keep me informed. I don't think my daughter would have been invited back to SAA had I not found Christine and her tutors. I am very satisfied and look forward to working with her again for the coming Sophomore year."

Beverly Mason recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"Christine is a "hands-on professional." She is beginning her third year with our family. She provides the utmost in personalized attention to both student and parent while realistically and critically examining the challenges and pushing the student to excel. She selects her tutors well and monitors their work closely. She actively listens to parents' concerns and addresses them almost immediately. She is very diligent and honest and maintains high moral character standards in her business. Her communication skills are outstanding. She does tutoring herself so she never forgets the challenges and is acutely aware of the importance of carefully matching the skills of the tutor to the specific needs and learning styles of the student. My son is a behavior challenge with dysgraphia and ADHD. She jumped in personally and got him through two years of Spanish which was a huge struggle when he prefers math and science. She works very hard. She never gave up and never stopped trying to find the right formula to make it happen for him. She expects the same hard work from her tutors for which she sets the example. Her math, science and English tutors have delivered constant and diligent work and obtained very good results. They are always punctual and almost never cancel. Her services are outstanding and reasonably priced in this inflated tutor market. An excellent find!"

Jessica Jenks-Cleveland recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"Mrs Green and her staff of tutors are top notch. She was very accommodating to our busy schedule and worked at giving my daughter the best success possible for the struggles she was experiencing in several different classes."

5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Gail Kilboy recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"This is an incredible organization. Christine instills the importance of integrity, high character and relentless dedication into each of her team members. The students benefit through a learning experience that customized and centered around the unique and diverse needs of each individual."

Amanda Keller Van Pelt recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"Our 4 children have used tutors from academic coaching for several years. They are always super helpful for my kids. Christine, the owner, is always available for feedback about the tutors. She goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy. If my son tells me in the morning that he needs help in Chemistry, then Christine will have a tutor at our house that night, even working around crazy sports schedules. My son had a tutor coming after a football game but the game was delayed because of lightning and Christine made sure the tutor came after the game even though it was late. We always like the tutors. They are the NICEST, kindest, smartest group of professionals. There was one occasion where my son didn’t click with a tutor (he was a great guy, but his teaching style didn’t work for my son) Christine immediately changed tutors and 2 days later my son had a new tutor. The 2 tutors are actually good friends and the new tutor said they are very different and have different styles of teaching. There were no hurt feelings. Christine really listens and makes sure we are completely happy. My kids are all high achievers and take all honored and AP classes. They are all super busy with sports and Christine always works around our crazy schedules. You get what you pay for."

Christi Schafffer recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"Academic Coaching, Inc. is phenomenal the owner Christine G  really takes care of you. Her tutors that she finds are very well-equipped and knowledgeable. She stays in touch with the tutors and she stays in touch with the families. My son is getting A’s and B’s and now has a above a 4.0 GPA. He’s doing excellent in school. All thanks to Academic Coaching, Inc. I highly recommend them you won’t regret it.

Christine, the owner of Academic Coaching, Inc. comes to interview you and find out what the needs are of your child. She then searches all of her active tutors for the ones that would best fit your individual child’s needs. This is an invaluable resource. She also is willing at no additional charge to attend meetings at school if your child is on a 504 plan or has an IEP. She even went to a doctors appointment with us to discuss medication changes and was able to speak directly with the doctor. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Academic Coaching, Inc.  I can’t recommend Academic Coaching, Inc.  enough if you want your child to do better in school and learn what they need to learn. Definitely contact Academic Coaching, Inc."  

Sarah Hartline McAnelly recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"My daughter’s math grades have gone up immediately after being tutored for only a short time! We have had 2 different tutors and love both of them!!!".

5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

A Grateful Parent recommends Academic Coaching, Inc.

"We were concerned about our children qualifying for the high school they wanted to attend, but thanks to the ISEE test preparation that Academic Coaching provided they all were accepted to their high school of choice.  Thank you to Christine and her team of excellent tutors!!!"

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